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How do I submit an article for inclusion to your site?

How do I submit an article for inclusion to your site?

Please read the following information before submitting your article content for inclusion on our site.

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting a request for content addition or removal you must use an email address that can be verified against the original source of the content. This is necessary to protect authors and content providers so that we can ensure that proper ownership and authority has been provided for us to add or remove content on our site. After the form submission you will be required to reply to email from our editorial team before we will review requests for content changes.

We hope you will understand that this extra step is in place to ensure proper copyright privileges to protect authors and publishers while ensuring the most beneficial user experience for our readership.

By submitting your content for inclusion to our site you agree to license your work to us under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 License and your content will be made available to our readership under this same license.

Tips on getting your article published with us:

  1. Be sure your article content is unique, high quality, and relevant to our target audience with no obvious sales pitches. Subjective statements like, "... the best..., the #1 provider... ", etc should not be included. However you may highlight and compare your services or feature a success story as part of your article content. You may have a brief promotional blurb in the conclusion of the article in the author credits section.
  2. Make it easy for us to verify your work as described above and include the proper credits when you submit your work so that we can give credit/link back to you.
  3. Help us help you! Prominent links to our site always help. :) Let us know where you linked to us in the comments section of the form so we can prioritize your requests.

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