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Added by IgorSoshkin
Added Nov 23, 2012, 6:08 PM
Last Updated Nov 23, 2012, 6:08 PM
We sell our clients complete website design packages for less than one thousand dollars. But, there is no limit on how much you can spend on graphic design, literally.
We’ve built a $7,000 landing webpage for our upcoming campaign, and let me explain why we’ve invested that much into just one webpage.
Shopping Cart Elite can be used for any type of business. However, we like to focus on untapped niches, where we can be number one in a market of one. For the past three years, we have been focusing on Wheels and Tires industry. We are the only software company in the world that is developing a platform for this industry.
Our $7,000 landing page was designed to launch our third version of our software for the wheels and tires industry. We have addressed every feature that a wheel and tire business can possibly need in our version 3.0, and we felt that our landing page should make a point that we are serious about what we release into production.
We hired the CEO from to consult us on the landing page, and we gave it an unlimited budget.
You can see the landing page with the video below. I do want to add that if you are interested to see how we handle a new product launch or if you are interested in starting a website in the wheels and tires industry (suppliers and inventory included), you can find out more by joining the launch.
Here, is the cost break down of our seven thousand dollars landing page:
Landing Page Design: Three complete redesigns, re-edits and third party integrations took 103 hours @ $30/hr
Video Animation: 60 seconds animated video took 25 hours @ $75/hr
Music Production: Write, Compose and Sing a custom 60 second song took 20 hours @ $125/hr (this is cheaper than licensing a song, which would have cost 15 times more)
Pitchdeck: Custom Pitchdeck took 300 hours @ $75/hr (I did this one myself)
This is only the landing page, the total campaign also includes four, twenty minute videos, email campaign to promote the videos, and a lot more graphic design. The total cost for this campaign is more than $150,000. Usually this isn’t paid out in one chunk, but that is the cost of launching a product successfully.
Products can be launched for as little as $10,000 and up. It all depends what you are selling, how long you plan to sell it, and if your net profit margins can afford this campaign. Using these three factors, we can come up with what the advertising budget should be for your launch.
If you are interested in launching a product, please read my Pitchdeck here on how we can help you, and I would be happy to consult with you at no charge on your launch.
Founder - CEO
Shopping Cart Elite
28 Van Street
Staten Island - 10310
General : 800.401.8296
Fax : 800.208.3597

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