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osCommerce Reviews

osCommerce reviews
Template based
Unlimited products/categories
Multicurrency support
Flexible shipping options
Flexible tax options
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Reviews:  osCommerce Reviews and Ratings


osCommerce is one of the earliest open source PHP based shopping carts available and is very popular and widely used for this reason. It boasts an extensive user community with many contributors allowing for extensions and themes of all kinds. Many web hosting solutions come with this software package already included as an automatic installation option using cPanel's Fantastico.

 More information available on osCommerce official web site.

Average Review Rating for osCommerce: osCommerce 3 star rating ( 3 out of 2 votes)
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Positive Customer Review
osCommerce review = 4 out of 5 star rating
I'm still getting my store setup
I'm still getting my store setup with osCommerce but am fairly pleased so far. This is my first storefront but I will say that the first time I installed it using cPanel it only gave me a blank page. I removed it and just re-installed and it seemed to work fine so seems like it was just a problem with my host or Fantastico installation. Customizing hasn't been too bad but I'd prefer if more of it was done through the admin interface and less editing of source files. I hope to have my store online in the next few months and maybe I'll have a more detailed review of osCommerce by the end of this project.
Negative Customer Review
osCommerce review = 2 out of 5 star rating
Ya just gotta love the way
Ya just gotta love the way oscommerce is so darn easy to modify, what with the archaic table based layout, and inter woven php code (why, why did that language become popular? ever used template toolkit with perl? so damn each compared to this monstrosity). Its no wonder the developers of the next edition of the Open Sore Commerce cart are taking such a long time to finish, they want to make sure its perfect to turn everyone off from open source software the first time they slam their head into <table><tbody><tr><td> (oh thats not enough, lets put in 5000 more in a row for the fun of it! whoo hoo. Leave it be people, it sucks, been using it for 5 years and get more and more disappointed by the crap that is 0SC daily.
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