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CS-Cart rating = 5 out of 5
CS-Cart Rocks
I have been using Interspire Shopping Cart for years, and going to Bigcommerce was a big letdown. If you are not from an english speaking country the cart is nearly impossible to use. You have limited access to some core files, but there is no way to translate the cart like you could in Interspire Shopping Cart. I ended up buying CS-Cart from Buy the way. Why no review of CS-Cart?
CS-Cart rating = 5 out of 5
Cs-cart is the best e-commerce on market at the moment.
After reviewing the last post, made from "steve" I have to say BEWARE of that website. It is listed in cs-cart official forum as "black listed developer"

Ok, enough with the warnings, i`m here to share my cs-cart experience.
Currently running a v2.1.4, highly customized and modified template. 4000 products / 7000 features / dedicated server.

Before you decide on migrating your e-commerce, do as i did, install the trial or comunity version on a shared hosting, read the documentation and see how it works. If you like it, use an official partner to make any changes you would like.
When you choose your developer, browse cs-cart forums,
you can find reviews there and you`ll know who to pick.

I used : and i don't regret it.
The license is 228 usd, but their custom development was not cheap i can tell you this. Only after my project started I realized the work they do is actually amazing, from time frames / tickets / tasks schedule / dev server 24/7 online i could see my website being developed any time i wanted.

This was by far the best webshop owner / developer relation I ever had !
CS-Cart rating = 5 out of 5
After working with CS-Cart some weeks..
After working with CS-Cart some weeks - it is a great cart. I have tried out many different shopping carts but CS-Cart has all the good features I want in a shopping cart. It's easy to use and have many very good features. All features are well think true. Looks to me like a coming popular shopping cart for the future. All good things must start somewhere. If you need to translate the cart to another language - this is the one you need. Looking forward to further progress and updates with this cart. The support has also been great. I can only recommend others to take time and try it out this custome development service.They make any module and modification for you:
CS-Cart rating = 5 out of 5
I have tried many, many shopping carts..
Hi, I have tried many, many shopping carts before and must say one:I love CS-Cart, I moved to X-Cart 2 moths ago but have recently decided to go back to CS-Cart after much reviewing of another scripts.Interspire SC was my second choice, and there are still a couple of features that I would love to see in CS Cart.1. (and I know this is a big mod) proper order management and partial shipping of orders/individual item shipping. This would then allow for proper back orders, part payment of orders, etc etc.2. The order process in the admin is excellent. Select customer or new customer or anon customer first, then on same page add products using ajax seach on SKU or description. Very clean process, very fast (important when you have a customer on the phone).3. Tracking numbers for all orders (haven't found this yet in CS).4. Allow customer to buy product? Checkbox. When unticked, an option becomes available to display price or message to customer (useful as sometimes there are products available offline only but still want them in the store).If you want to make a business then must have a little bit of money for begin. My experience with the all free open source carts is not the best. Sure they cost nothing, but if you need a help.... Yes your help desk is the Google only. I have a few online business sites and my last (and must say the best) choice was CS Cart. It cost realy "nothing" and you get all features, the best support (the Interspire is a nightmare) and 1 year free upgrades, all what a online store need. I don't buy my CS Cart licenses direct by the company, but from a reseller page, they sell it for $217, the price on the CS Cart site is $265, and they have often a special price (it is a coupon code) and you get yet $20 off the price. But I don't know if it's actualy, must looking on the site or on Google for cs cart coupon code.Yes guys, the TIME is money and if you want a free cart, then must spend 100+++ hours with setup, design, bugs, and, and, and....I am very satisfied with my CS Cart and trust me, if you want to make a serious business and want many of customers and visitors, then you need a serious tools to do it.
CS-Cart rating = 5 out of 5
We've been using the new CS-Cart..
We've been using the new CS-Cart 2.0.x for a month, and have been very impressed. The Pros It was a snap to import our current X-Cart product catalog from a CSV file. SEO tools allow us to optimize all pages, including product categories and product pages. This new version of CS-Cart has a Web 2.0 frontend interface on the default template is easy on the eyes and pretty easy to customize once you get used to Smarty templating. CS-Cart comes with many free Addons (compared to X-Cart where they are all ala carte), which saved us hundreds of dollars compared to X-Cart. The checkout process is elegant and only one step, which I think helps get the sale. Along with Google Analytics, the built in administrative reports are very handy and help us see where are marketing dollars are / are not effective. We didn't pay the list price of $265 since we purchased from an official CS-Cart reseller, Their price was $220, which was a nice savings. Even though we purchased from, the software and support still came from ConsCS-Cart 2.0.x is a huge update to the last version of CS-Cart: we noticed a small issue with the new template, but the good news is that CS-Cart is very responsive and pleasant.
Found: 5
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